We receive a lot of questions regarding auditioning for the Liberty Voices. Here is some information regarding the subject that we hope you will find useful!

Based on the requirements for each engagement, the singers booked on a Liberty Voices event are selected from the hundreds of the available present or alumni members of the Voices of Liberty from EPCOT. So, you see, we are not an auditioning group.

But before you turn away in disappointment...

The Walt Disney Company DOES audition ... not only for Voices of Liberty, but for other entertainment roles within the park (actors, singers, dancers, comedians, stunt performers, musicians, etc). WDW is a wonderful company for entertainment professionals. You can get a sense of the entertainment recruiting at

OTHER VOICES OF LIBERTY DETAILS: (Please know these are not official facts, it is just from one person's observations after 6 years full time status and continuing sub status)

  • As of right now, yearly contracts are offered from approx June-June. Of course, at the beginning there is a "trial period" as in any job in which you may be let go at any time. Note: Members are added at any time, not just June. So go to the auditions whenever you can - you never know when someone is leaving in the middle of a contract!
  • Starting in August, WDW entertainment casting starts looking for a Voices of Liberty "Christmas Cast" to be featured in the Candlelight Processional on the American Gardens Stage during Christmas time. This is usually a evening gig: Call time at 3:45pm, sing your first show around 5pm. Usually you are undressing to go home by 9:30pm.
  • Currently, a cast of Voices of Liberty is singing at the American Adventure/EPCOT seven days a week. Full time members can enjoy a steady 5 day work week. Some singers work Sunday-Thursday, others Tuesday-Saturday, and some may have a four-day contract to "cover the holes." If it is a normal work day, your day might start out around 10:30am for a half-hour rehearsal, then dress time and then sing your 6 or 7 sets starting around noon - 6:30pm. Of course, you may be asked to participate in overtime which could be at anytime of the day or night! The money is hard to turn away ... especially when you are making such great music!
  • You are covered under the Actors Equity Association, whether or not you choose to join.
  • As a full time singer in the Voices of Liberty, you will have the option of WDW Company benefits package just like everyone else. As far as I know, this still includes medical, dental, vision, vacation days, sick days and holiday pay!

I hope this information has been helpful to you. Good Luck and keep trying! I know some fantastic singers who tried out SEVEN times before they made it into the group. Do not be discouraged!!

See you at EPCOT...